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I have always been a big fan of phone lanyards. Best "worry-free" way to keep it on you (and not left behind on a table somewhere), safe from drops and also a nice 'hands-free" way to talk to people on speaker if you don't have your headset or bluetooth handy. Easily detachable, but still secure.

Before I used them, I was always digging through my purse when the phone rang. I was also having to go back home to get the phone I constantly left behind or worse, would leave the phone on the table or on the seat at restaurants. I was living in fear of the dreaded "DROP". I have seen (and heard) too many people dropping their phones while getting out of their cars, watching in what seems like slo-mo as the phone flips off someone's lap, crashes to the ground and skids across the pavement. 

I have actually witnessed this happen to my husband's phone as it ended up in the path of a passing Prius. Two "ka-chunks" and one girly scream (from my husband) later, the phone was retrieved, miraculously unharmed and unscratched due to the position of the phone (completely flat on the ground and laying straight under the tires when they ran over it) AND mainly because it was protected by a very good case with a rubber shock-proof interior and rubber lip that extended above the bezel which kept the face off the concrete. Of course, if it was a semi and not a Prius, the outcome would probably have been a bit different. ;-)

More on that awesome case in a future post. 

Some of my cases with lanyards:

Mophie Juice Pack AIr

Speck CandyShell

Speck GemShell


Speck GemShell

Speck CandyShell Grip

Speck CandyShell Grip

Belkin View Case

Speck CandyShell Flip

I also posted the following pictures & links in my previous mophie juice pack air post to answer a "how to attach a lanyard to your mophie" question from a reader but also wanted to give it it's own space for people just tuning in.

Here's how to attach lanyards to your mophie juice pack air for the iPhone 5:

1. Locate the headset opening

2. Thread & loop the lanyard through the opening

3. You're good to go!

Lanyard on Mophie for iPhone 5

For the mophie juice pack plus for the iPhone 4/4S, thread & loop the lanyard through one of the speaker holes:

Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4/4S

Disclaimer: Remember, while the lanyard keeps your iPhone accessible and safe from drops while hanging from your neck, it isn't made to be yanked, pulled, jerked or swung around like a lasso. No tug-o-wars, please! Make sure the mophie case is "clicked" shut and completely secure on your phone.  I still hold on to my phone when wearing it when walking briskly/running or when near bodies of water, elevator shafts, large openings, storm drains or anywhere I would hate to see my phone end up if it somehow detached from me! 

But because of lanyards, I've never dropped it or left it behind...while it was attached.

Here's THAT story:

Be sure that you re-attach your phone to your strap when you detach it to take photos or hand someone your phone. I had a mishap at Disneyland a few years ago where I got out of the tram after taking a bunch of photos of the two of us and somehow managed to forget to re-atttach the phone. It was a colder day so we had jackets and a bunch of bags with us so the phone must have been sitting on my lap and slipped between the jackets and onto the floor undetected. I was already off the tram and into Downtown Disney before I realized my phone wasn't hanging from my neck.  :-(  We tried calling the phone but whoever "found" it was either hitting "ignore" or turned it off. Unfortunately, no one ever turned it into lost & found (I had disabled and "bricked" the phone after no reply from texts and calls) and it was a blackberry so even if the phone was bricked, the photos were still on the SD card. Ugh. So just be sure to re-attach your phone to your lanyard! Lesson learned.

Have a safe & happy 4th of July!

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